Saturday, 10 March 2018


Hi Everyone,

As soon as I saw this hardanger project I knew I had to make it as it is perfect for elegantly holding some of the potpourri I have dispersed in various corners of the house.  I changed the pattern a bit and added embroidery but the design is from Hardanger Creatif by Isabelle Corbé and although meant for potpourri, it could really hold anything.

I used  white linen of 25ct. which I had on hand and perlé cotton #12 and #8 so the holder is rather small but would be larger if using a different count fabric.

After the basic hardanger stitches, a blanket stitch surround, kloster blocks, wrapped bars and doves eyes, four tiny eyelets are made on each side of the four segments through which a cording is passed. Although the pattern includes no embroidery, I added a splash of colour with a couple of flowers.

I spray starched everything before using four lengths of crochet cording to lace up the sides, but it really needs that sugar stiffening treatment which I used on my Christmas snowflakes to firmly hold the sides when the potpourri is added.

Hope to do  that this weekend.  Thank you for visiting.


Friday, 23 February 2018

Smalls SAL - February

Hello Everyone,

Another month at an end and lots of stitching and unstitching done these last couple of weeks on various projects for Easter.  I´ve been busy due to our rotten cold rainy weather but only have the smallest of Smalls completely finished for our check-in with Heather at Stitching Lotus today.

I saw this hanging scissor pouch in one of my needlework magazines and thought it might be fun to make as a future gift and to use my newly acquired 32ct. Zweigart linen and scraps of fabric from stash.

Incomprehensibly, the magazine only includes the cross stitch pattern of the rose and therefore the enticing design of the pouch is supposedly left up to each individual´s aptitude - go figure.

It turned out well enough although I would have preferred a thicker batting and after adding a length of chain and a charm, I only now need some decent new scissors.

I´m off to see what everyone else has been sewing this month.  Until next week.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Letters and cards

Hello Blogger friends and visitors,

In the lack of expecting any expression of romanticism concerning St. Valentine´s Day, I decided to treat myself to a session of nostalgia and sorted through a battered suitcase storing a lifetime´s assortment of greeting cards, letters, invitations and postcards,  Nothing better to lift one´s spirits than to wistfully reminisce about the passage of time - sigh.  I decided to make a holder for some special treasured letters.

I had unexpectedly found a needlework shop nearby that stocked a few Zweigart linens AND Coton a Broder threads, amazing.  So I happily bought two different linens and a few threads and couldn´t wait to get home and start working on my letter holder.

I didn´t follow any design, just embroidered a few rows of different stitches with DMC floss, added a touch of lace and a couple of drawn thread patterns using my new coton a broder thread, which I found just perfect. So pleased I found a shop here that stocks lots of colours.

A little pocket inside to hold the romantic nostalgia.  I  trimmed the holder with some lace from my stash but didn´t have any that I really liked, all too wide, but anyway, what I used will suffice.

I do hope everyone spends a very happy romantic day tomorrow and don´t forget to save those cards and letters as they will be so happily looked upon one day in the future.

Linking to Supermom-no-cape stitchery link party.

Until next week.


Friday, 26 January 2018

Smalls SAL - January

Check in day today for Stitching Lotus´s  Smalls SAL has forced me to put aside the winter lethargy which insits on joining me each year and publish something bright and cheerful.  How about something red?  A book cover?

I gathered together some linen and red polka dot fabric, scraps of red and green felt and started to make a design by Marie Suarez that I found in a newly released magazine called Bordados (embroideries) which I enthusiastically started to buy until the collection fizzled out with the third issue.

An easy pattern which I really enjoyed making. I did the stitched surround a bit different from the specified and incorporated a bit of cross stitch in the top right hand corner.

I lined the notebook with a combination of the linen and polka dot fabric and added a piece of lace to cheer up the spine.

My new notebook cover goes perfectly with the lovely crochet bookmark that Rosey at Ishkabibble gave me.

I think I might make a few more of these covers and use up some of the felt stash I have.  I´d like to show here, the gorgeous hand made Christmas card and pretty Notre Dame button and ornaments I received from Nadine at Jocondine over Xmas.  Thank you Nadine.

Until next time.

Friday, 12 January 2018

My Never Ending Quilt

Hello all,
My first post this year and about time I looked lively, wished everyone a very Happy New Year and shared some needlework.

No-one will remember my Never Ending quilt, mentioned sporadically on my blog, enthusiastically started about eight years ago, abandoned to the Dreaded Drawer when almost finished, and then rescued guiltily and worked upon in fits and starts only when my sewing companions asked for its whereabouts.

I can finish the top part of a quilt without problems but when it comes to assembling the backing, batting and borders and then struggling with the bulk slipping off the table while sewing, I just don´t want to know.

I did a lot of work on this quilt,  hand embroidering fourteen patterns by Bronwyn Hayes and making pretty patchwork blocks, some inspired by Leanne Beasley´s quilt called `Journey of a Quilter´

I added a few fancy embroidered seams, beads and bits and pieces of crochet.

Well, last month with the looming dread that my visiting daughter at Christmas would yet again inquire with a fatalistic intonation whether my quilt was at last completed, I put to finishing it before her arrival and am pleased to announce that it can no longer be referred to as `The Never Ending´ quilt.

(Cartoon by Allie Brosh)
Until next week,


Monday, 18 December 2017

Advent Calendar Blog Hop

Hi Everyone and welcome to day 19 of the Online Advent Calendar blog hop organised by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.  Click here to view the calendar so far and to link with each participant.

I started my Christmas stitching this year with a free design by Kathy Schmitz called Bird in Hand and substituted the scattered white french knots for silver thread so to add some sparkle, although not appreciable in my photos.

and when this design is not sufficing as an ornament, it will join the ranks of the pincushions,

My other piece of Christmas stitching found in my files, I stubbornly endeavoured to squeeze onto a fabric scrap while the pattern continually threatened to run over the edge and therefore limit its future destiny.

My Santa table runner, made years ago, once again sees the light of day, as do the Christmas tree placemats made last year.

Jo asks us to describe our plans or traditions for Boxing Day.... well ....

When I lived in England, Boxing day was spent quietly at home. Dad would pop our dog in the car and drive to a woodland area where dear Kim could run wild and chase invisible shadows.  We would enjoy the turkey and Xmas pud leftovers and then spend the afternoon pondering over jigsaw puzzles, playing cards and squabbling over board games, reading our newly acquired Annuals and watching the tv with the hope that the large tin of Quality street chocolates would be passed around again. I also remember having to write thank you letters, dictated by mum, for gifts received from obscure, remote kin.

Today I live in Spain where Boxing day does not exist, the big family get together feast is celebrated on the evening of the 24th and the lazy recovery day on the 25th.  The 26th when only the turkey bones remain for boiling, is a normal routine working day, unless of course you have been lucky enough to have won some prize in the immensely popular enormous national lottery held here on the 22nd Dec. and in which case you just might have suitcase in hand and be on your way to Hawaii.

Merry Christmas everyone,

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